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Our Facilities

Facilities Overview

At our state-of-the-art facilities, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your production needs. We have two complete studio spaces – both measuring over 15,000 square feet and equipped with gantries for an exceptional shooting experience. Additionally, we provide a variety of other resources such as dressing rooms for cast members, crew packages for an efficient production setup, and even luxurious vanity vans. With so much under one roof, there’s no doubt that our facilities are just what your project requires.

We understand that each project has different requirements and demands – which is why we take pride in our ability to adapt to those needs quickly and effectively. Our team works hard around the clock to ensure that you have everything you need when you need it. We truly believe in equipping filmmakers with the best technology and equipment available so they can create something truly remarkable.

Our Stages

Purpose-built stage floors with ganrties available for lighting.

STage 1


29.52 FT


15,047.95 SQ FT

STage 2


50.19 FT


15,769.13 SQ FT

Actors Rooms

Cast Dressing Rooms

Your actors need a little privacy when off-set. Our 6 comfortable and well-equipped rooms will provide your cast with the space they need to prepare for a top-notch performance.

Editing Suite

For All Your Editing Needs

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Computer Generated Imagery

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Screening Room

Large SCreen - Private Audience

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Vanity Vans

We have 2 fully equipped and luxurious vanity vans available for hire that are sure to impress. Click below to take a virtual tour!

Purpose Built Gym

Stay In Shape

Allow your actors to look and feel their best at all times with our purpose-built gym with free weights, treadmills, benches and more.

Pooja Gym Facities

Equipment & Props

We can offer a vast array of production equipment including everything from cameras, rigs and lighting through to a catalogues of props to bring you shoot to life.